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To understand our website, you have to start with the idea that the world is changing. Families are moving away from each other, more and more people are being cremated, and people still need a venue to channel their grief, and more importantly, to remember. Official World Cemetery, a division of Cemetery of Angels, is the first online memorial for real people that offers crowdfunding and a permanent page for users to revisit.

This idea was started because a person named Thorburt, lost his wife Dolly that he was married to for 52 years. I, the founder of Cemetery of Angels operating as Official World Cemetery, missed the funeral. I was out of the country at the time. Six weeks later, I returned and visited the grieving husband. I asked him if there was somewhere online that I could see her page, donate to her cause, or simply comment on how wonderful a person she was. His response was a wake-up call. His exact words were, "there was a page but I do not even know if it still there, and if it is still there, how would you find it?"

His wife lived in a small town, there was a funeral home there and they had an out of date website where they tried to have memorial pages of lost loved ones. It was the simplest and purest reason to build this site. An official online memorial site for the entire world, to build for ordinary people. our loved ones, in every language, and a site that would give people confidence that their loved one is still online, their celebration of life, their digital footprint would be there to show their grandchildren's grandchildren.

So why donate? Your donation from this link supports this site to stay Free and Forever - for ordinary people to remember the lives of the loved ones that have passed from all around the entire world. We are the Offical World Cemetery. Your kindness and generosity are the reasons that this site can exist.

Thank you,
Official World Cemetery